A range of fabulous autographs from famous actresses.

Sylvia Syms 1

Sylvia syms signed 8x6 photograph. ..


Anna Walton

Anna Walton signed 10x8 colour photograph. ..


Sophia Loren 1.

A signed 8x6 photograph by Sophia Loren...


Sophia Loren 2.

A signed 8x6 photograph by Sophia Loren...


Vera Miles.

A signed card by Vera Miles complete with a 6x4 postcard...


Brigitte Forsyth

Brigitte Forsyth signed 7x5 colour photograph from What ever Happened To The Likley Lads. ..


Wendy Craig.

A signed page mounted with a 10x8 photograph...


Liz Fraser 2.

A signed 10x8 photograph by Liz Fraser...


Lea Thompson - Back To The Future

Lea Thompson signed 10x8 photograph. ..


Lea Thompson.

Lea Thompson from Back To The Future - signed colour 10x8 photograph. ..


Sylvia Syms - Colour Photograph

Sylvia Syms signed 10x8 photograph. ..


Sophia Loren 5.

A signed and mounted 10x8 photograph by Sophia Loren...


Jane Fonda.

Jane Fonda - signed 10x8 B/W photograph. ..


Joanna Lumley - The Avengers.

A signed card by Joanna Lumley mounted with a 10x8 photograph showing her in The Avengers...


Karen Allen

Karen Allen signed card mounted with a 6x4 photograph showing her in Indiana Jones. ..


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